Sunday, April 21, 2013


Vermont has it all for a great summer getaway weekend!

Whether it is a romantic escape or a Vermont road trip visiting the shops, farms, restaurants, museums and theatres, it is all here and the Willoughvale Inn is nearby waiting for you. 

Here are a few unique attractions for a May or June Vermont drive around visit ...
Vermont Heritage Gallery Exhibit
Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium and the Bread and Puppet Museum

Try a day of fishing on the Willoughby River ....

For the more adventuresome, Bald Mountain and Mount Pisgah, near Lake Willoughby, offer fantastic challenges for hikers, rock climbing and trail bikers.  Combine the lake with these beautiful mountains and you have a Vermont weekend and some fantastic memories.

If you need some help with your plans or information about local equipment suppliers, we can help.  Whether it is a bike rental or a trail guide its all nearby.
At the end of the day, drop in at the Willoughvale Inn and Gil's Bar & Grill for a drink and a bite to eat and share your stories about your day's adventures on the lake or on the mountain.

If its more than a weekend getaway and you need a fantastic accommodation for a get together or a family event, we are at your service and we can help with the plans. What could be better than family and friends on beautiful Lake Willoughby?
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