Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cruising in Vermont

Planning a northeast vacation this year?

Whether you cruise Vermont's back roads or the main roads or for more adventure you may enjoy a bike ride through the Vermont mountain trails.  Whatever your pleasure may be, you will definitely create some wonderful memories and enjoy a truly memorable experience.

Take a drive and visit Vermont's farms, quaint shops, flea markets, local attractions and so much more.  Take a bike tour of the Vermont Mountains.

Visit the Vermont Northeast Kingdom website ( for some driving tour suggestions. A few stops to consider are Agape Hill Farm, Don's Woodworking Shop, Boreas Farm Cashmere and Everlasting Herb Farm.

Whether you are traveling on your Harley, a sleek red convertible or the family SUV the roads of Vermont offer a vast choice of things to see and do.

Other activities nearby at the Willoughvale Inn include canoeing on Lake Willoughby, biking on the many trails directly from the inn or you may want to just relax on the beach or on the deck of one of our lakeside cottages.  The sunset is site to remember and a cold drink at Gil's Grille at the inn will add to the pleasures of your visit.

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